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Ghost Mahjong

Boo! A Mahjong Ghost is here! Do not fear though,'s Mahjong Ghost is a friendly ghost, and you
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Halloween Mahjong
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30 July 2012

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As spooky as it gets with the all new Ghost Mahjong 1.0, yet makes a completely new and delightful entry in the game of Mahjong. This game, brought to your by is a master piece shown how a simple game of Mahjong can be made into a perfect entertainer with state-of-the-art programming and graphics. Ghost Mahjong do not fall any short of entertaining, like any other Mahjong you have every played over the internet. It is a freeware so you need not think of spending any king of money for downloading or playing it. In case you do not want to download the game you can directly take every delight from this game by logging into the home page of the game and playing it over the internet.

The game play of Ghost Mahjong 1.0 is rather very simple and easy, and is very similar to all other Mahjong games. You will be required to click on the identical mahjong tiles and if they match then they will get vanished from the board. The background is designed with dark black color with few bright yellow shades all around. Each tile is beautifully crafted with ghostly figures such as bones, skulls, pumpkin etc. Now the game comes alive with the vibrant music that is getting played in the back. If you do not like playing with the music or sound on, there are options to turn them off and play silently. The Hint option is available with it to assist you whenever you are lost or cannot find any matching pair.

Ghost Mahjong game is a great fun and is a terrific material to help you get out of boring and mundane situation plus carries the capability to keep you busy for hours. Sighting the excellent makeover and new look of this game we rate it with 4 on 5.

Publisher's description

Boo! A Mahjong Ghost is here! Do not fear though,'s Mahjong Ghost is a friendly ghost, and you will have nothing but fun taking apart this challenging mahjong board!
Identical mahjong tiles can be matched to make pairs that will disappear from the board. Make them all disappear like a ghost and you win! This board could be difficult, so look for those seasonal and flower halloween mahjong tiles, which may help you out when times get tough!
Have fun with Ghost Mahjong all Halloween season long only from!
Ghost Mahjong
Ghost Mahjong
Version 1.0
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